New In My Sewing Room

I want to introduce you to the new addition in my sewing room. A coworker was giving it away, his wife is not much into sewing and they both insisted I should have it (a free sewing machine I will take it!). It is a Kenmore 12 Ultra Stitch; I took it for a test run and all the stitches work and it sews beautifully on heavy fabrics and bulky seams. I don't know how old it is, but what it is for sure is that its previous owners took really good care or it: it even came with its original box of presser feet and attachments. I'm a lucky girl! I think it will make a good companion to my Janome.



  1. congrats on the "new baby". LOL that is how I acquired a few of my machines. and they all work like a charm. makes it easier to send one to the shop- (can still play in the scraps that way LOL)

  2. Luckly you to have another machine to play with!
    Hope you'll have a lovely weekend! =)


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