Sunday At Home


Peach Blossoms



Bird Watching - Mourning Dove

Bird Watching

Today we enjoyed the most amazing weather around here. Most of the day we spent it in the garden preparing the planting beds for the vegetable garden and soaking in the sun. Everywhere we look there are sings that spring has arrived. Plants are turning greener, the peach tree started blooming and very soon other plants will follow. It is just a happy time. The garden feels so full of life with the sounds of birds chirping, bees buzzing and the the sight of new growth.
I hope you had a lovely weekend as well.



  1. Oh - just look at that lovely blue sky! It was like that here on Saturday, yesterday was grey and pretty dull (weatherwise that is) and today we have snow! It's hard to know where you are at times! The snow will be a good excuse to spend some time in the sewing room ...

  2. These are lovely pictures - the peach blossoms are beautiful. How lovely to feel spring coming. This morning we have snow and arctic blasts of wind!

  3. I am so jealous. While we've had some warmer days, all the snow still isn't melted of the north side of my house. Consider yourself lucky.

  4. Beautiful photographs, you are so lucky : )
    We have snow here in England, no sing of spring yet.

  5. Send some of that lovely Spring weather our way, we are still freezing!

    1. Fiona, after living in Latvia the English cold weather should not feel that cold to you LOL, but I guess its a damp cold compared to a dry cold!

  6. OMGosh I dream of spring, we have about 2 months to go before it arrives in cold Wisconsin!


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