Little Skirt

Ella Skirt

This weekend I tried my hand at garment sewing. I made this cute little skirt for my  3 year old goddaughter. I was inspired by the skirts shown in the book 1,2,3 Sew. And I used the measurements given on the book for a size 4.  It was such a fun project and I think I would like one for myself.  I love the idea of making my own clothes and one day I would like to have a wardrobe of mostly handmade pieces. Handmade clothes are the best I think. When I was growing up my mom made most of my clothes; she was super talented and  even created her own patterns. So I always I had very unique pieces (and every time I wore them I felt super special). 
I'm currently working on a tutorial for this skirt and I hope to share it with you soon.

Have a great week!



  1. It's gorgeous Martha, I would love to be able to make my own clothes too. My mother made lots of my clothes when I was a child and I loved picking out the fabric for each project.

  2. I also had hand-made clothes, but they were a bit more utilitarian:-) This is lovely!

  3. Sweet! I used to make some of my own clothes in high school and always loved having the ability to customize and create exactly what I wanted. I do think I might have lacked a bit in the exection but I made up for it with ambition :) I'm sure you've got the execution (not to mention creativity) covered.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. You are too kind. It is the best being able to customize clothes and make the unique.

  4. That is so precious!!! And how fun to learn about how your mom used to make all clothes - that is wonderful.

  5. this is so sweet :-) I would love to learn how to make clothes - hoping that a friend can teach me :-)

  6. I made a skirt very much like this for myself recently from the green Briar Rose strawberries print. I used the "Enchanted Bow Skirt Tutorial" (if you google the phrase it will turn right up) and it was such an easy not-a-lot-of-fabric sew.

    I love this little skirt! I bet it is a hit with your goddaughter. I think my toddler needs one just like it. :)


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