A Picture... A Moment

Mint from the garden
My herb garden is coming back. Very soon I will have more mint that I would know what to do with it.

Hello Friends,
I've been debating for a couple of weeks wether or not to keep the Friday Link Up. After long consideration I have decided to close the chapter on on this little project. I had such a great time hosting the link up, specially seeing your moments that you shared. I want to thank you all for visiting my little blog and linking up during the short run of the link up. Thank you so much for your support I truly appreciate it. 
Spring is a time for new beginnings and I'm looking forward to see what the rest of 2014  will bring. Who knows they sky is the limit.

Happy Friday! 




  1. My dad always said to plant mint in pots or it will run rampant and as a dutiful daughter I totally ignored him and left a mint forest behind me when I moved house :) I've enjoyed looking through the friday link up posts so thank you for hosting them, I'm looking forward to the rest of 2014 too :D

  2. I've enjoyed seeing your pictures. I'm sorry you're closing your link up just when I've started remembering to look out for moments to photograph but I'll look forward to seeing what the rest of the year has in store :)

  3. Oh, we love mint!!! The summer mint tea is the best refreshing :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    PS: Do you keep your "friday moments"? I really love your picture of the moment.

  4. Oh what a shame. Don't give up Martha. These things take time to grow (unlike your mint!) I had a picture to add this week - if only I could have worked out how to do it!

  5. Oh that mint! We have some and it takes over the planting bed it's in every summer. It's so fun to smell though!

  6. Love the mint....we'll all be over for tea:) I hope you still do a "Friday Moment" post, I've enjoyed your pics! Yes, yes...Spring is a wonderful start for new beginnings!
    hugs, susie

  7. Love a herbal garden, I am hoping the new garden will have some space for it!

  8. I love mint - so refreshing! Sorry you are closing your link-up - I kept forgetting to link-up but I enjoyed seeing everyone elses photos :-)

  9. Thanks Martha! I have enjoyed your pictures..and the other link ups.

  10. Your mint looks so lush and green already, mine is just getting started :) I have enjoyed your pictures as well!

    1. It is growing so fast. I has grown a lot this past week. Your garden is looking great too.

  11. Ooooh, a nice cold glass of lemonade with some of your mint would go well with the sunshine we are having here today! Love your pic, always look forward to seeing what you are up to and your photography work.

  12. Your mint looks decadent! I can't wait to see mine pop out - I just looked and it was just starting to poke through the soil. I will miss the Friday link up and you take such beautiful photos!

  13. Although I virtually never comment on a photo post, I do love seeing your beautiful photos. I hope you will continue posting your own weekly photo, even if it is no longer a link-up.


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