New On My Bookshelf

I received a very special package in the mail today: a copy of the amazing book Sunday Morning QuiltsVicky @ Vicky K Creating hosted a giveaway of the book a few weeks ago and I was the lucky winner (I have been very lucky lately, I hope is doesn't stop). The book is signed by one of the authors! I'm a book hoarder collector and this is my first book signed by the author. This is my new little treasure. Vicky was so kind to also include in her package a pattern for a log cabin quilt, such a lovely surprise... I have to say, I spent a few hours today drooling over the beautiful projects in the book. I can't wait to start making something from it.
**Thank you Vicky for your lovely presents.**



  1. Lucky - what a great book! I just received it from Amazon and have been humming over which gorgeous quilt I might try next. I really like the ideas/motivation for organizing scraps, which I really need to do!!!

  2. You have been on a winning streak these past few weeks, Martha! Congratulations.... There has been alot of good reviews on that book and I'm sure you're feeling giddy at the moment seeing so many beautiful quilts and wondering which one to make... Look forward to seeing your first quilt from the book! =)

  3. Congrats on this win! And to have it signed too! I have the e-copy of this book, love it! Someday I will get around to making things from my books (rather than just hoard them too!).

  4. I have that book and I love it. You are lucky. This week on my blog I am going to post about a quilt inspired by the slab technique from that book. I just need to finish that binding....

  5. I have that book too Martha, how lovely to have a signed copy.

  6. You're Welcome! Glad you like it so far.
    Vicky K


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