A Picture... A Moment


It is starting to look a lot like Christmas. Even though the weather today was cold and gloomy, my house felt  warm and cheerful. I spent the day working on some Christmas presents and enjoying the sight of these beautiful poinsettias my sister got me. How was your weekend?



  1. My weekend was also spent sewing...with lovely Christmasy things in view! Such a great way to spend the days. I was just saying to my hubby that I need to get some poinsettias - yours look lovely, they always complete that holiday feeling for me.

  2. Beautiful pointsetta! This weekend was mostly family time (always a good way to spend the weekend) and today I am back to sewing and enjoying the Monday Morning Link-Up during breaks. Have a happy quilty day ... :) Pat

  3. Spent the weekend buying and decorating the tree, it felt very strange as normally my youngest son and husband do the tree-buying on son's birthday, but he is not yet back from University. Now I know why my husband moans about the price of trees every year!

    We might have sneaked in a couple of poinsettias too. Lovely photo Martha


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