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Welcome, for those of you new to my blog, my name is Martha and this is where I record my adventures in quilting, cooking and gardening. I'm so happy to be hosting the Let's Get Acquainted Monday Link Up this week. I was so delighted when Beth asked me if I wanted to host it. I met Beth last summer during Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop that she organized, and I'm so glad I did. I'm a big fan of her blog. For those of you who haven't visited her  blog, please do so, every week she shares the beautiful sewing and quilting projects that she creates and she always uses the most beautiful fabrics, she has excellent taste. I'm so glad to have you here, please look around, I hope you stay a while.

Now on to this week's post: Photography is a subject that I'm very passionate about. And for us bloggers photos really help us convey the message we are trying impart whether it is sharing our latest creations or what we have been up to. I'm not an expert in any way, but I love learning about photography and trying new tricks that would help me improve my photos. Thus, I thought I'd share some tips that I have learned over the past year or so I have been blogging.


* Equipment: You don't need to have expensive equipment to create beautiful photographs. Most of my photos are taken using with my trusty point and shoot Nikon I got as a gift from my husband two Christmases ago.   Nowadays digital cameras have advanced so much and you can get a great affordable camera that would deliver great results without breaking the bank. Don't get me wrong, having a fancy DSLR is great, I myself I'm thinking about upgrading one day, but I feel that I still have not completely outgrown my current camera.
If you own a smart phone, as most of us do, take advantage of it. There are great apps available that could help you edit and enhance your photography and you can get great shots using your phone. I took the pictures above using my iPhone.

* Lighting: Try taking your pictures in bright daylight, and avoid using your flash. Look around in your house and observe how the light comes in at different times of the day to identify the best spots where to take your pictures. For me for example, I get great lighting in the afternoon in my sewing room. I have a desk next to the window and that is one of my preferred spots to take pictures. I like placing a white board on the opposite direction from the where the light comes in to reflect the light and avoid shadows on the object I'm photographing.

* Taking steady pictures is very important and sometimes just pressing the shutter button on your camera  can get the picture out of focus. Try using a tripod or set your camera on the table your are taking the pictures and use some books to raise your camera to get the height you need. Then, use the timer on your camera that way you won't need to press the shutter button.

* Experiment with the settings of your camera and take different shots at different angles to see which setting gives you the result you were looking for. Having multiple shots of the subject you are photographing gives you more possibilities when choosing the picture you want to include in your post.

* Use a neutral backdrop to enhance the object you are photographing rather than risking getting lost on a busy background. 

*Lastly, take lots of pictures. I think amateur photography takes a lot of trial and error, and practice make us better. So don't be shy; get to know your camera and take it with you everywhere. Learn to see the world through the lens of your camera. You will be surprised how much your photos will improve by just taking more photos.

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  1. Thanks for all the wonderful tips Martha!

  2. Thank you for the cool photography tips - I could sure use them!!

  3. Thanks so much for the photography info!!! It is very useful and so true that you really do learn from taking more photos. I definitely would like to grow my skills in this area.

  4. Thanks for the pic tips, Martha... and for hosting!

  5. These are great tips Martha! I shall be putting them to good use next time I get my camera out :-)

  6. Great photos as always Martha, thanks for the tips too.

  7. Wonderful tips... I'm going to try a white board. I'm glad that blogging is making learn how to use my camera I bought several years ago instead of my camera phone.

  8. Thanks for the tips! I shoot a lot of my close-ups on the back side of a regular old poster board from the drug store - works great as a neutral backdrop and also reflects light!

  9. Great tips, lady. I think I might just bring my point and shoot to Quiltcon next week and leave my big honking DSLR at home!

  10. Thanks, Martha, for hosting the Monday Link-Up! ... :) Pat

  11. I know this is on old post, but I'm so glad I found it! It

  12. I know this is an old post but I'm so glad I found it. It's encouraging to hear I don't have to spend a fortune on a new camera to have good pics!

    1. Absolutely! You can even get good photos with you camera phone. I'm glad you found the information helpful. Thank you for visiting!


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