Beanie II

My knitting craze continues... I finished another beanie for my husband. It is very similar to the one I finished for him two weeks ago (you can see the other one here). However I used a different technique for shaping the crown; I followed this pattern from the Purl Bee. Which results on a cross pattern on the crown instead of swirl. Although, I still can't decide which one I like best...
The yarn is Dark Gray from Lion Brand, it almost looks black but it has these gray speckles that give it a very nice shine and it feels very warm and fussy. 
I've been having a lot of fun knitting, but I've missed quilting too. Today I worked on a little quilt I started a few weeks ago. It is almost finished and I can't wait to show it to you.

I hope you have a lovely week!



  1. Such a wonderful finish! Your hat looks fabulous - your husband is so lucky to be the new owner of that beauty. I really like the colour with the flecks of grey. I wish I could say that I have gotten further on my knitting...alas, I have not.

  2. Love beanies but not sure they love me! I love your beanie and the styling with the satsumas!

  3. You are certainly making sure your husband will be as warm as toast this winter Martha! Another lovely beanie.

  4. Very nice! Hats are so addictive to make. They work up so quick and don't ever have long stretches of chore knitting to get bored of. Where's YOUR hat, Martha?! ;)

  5. Oh, I love these easy projects :) It is really easy pattern, the knitting is relaxing, but the result is very nice and impressive!
    Do you make some knitted hat for you?

    Have a wonderful time! Jolana

    PS: Oh, I finally started to knit with the circular needles :)

  6. So pretty. Sorry just realised I did not reply to your colourwork comment. I am not sure I have any tips, except that you should start by knitting in the round as it is easier...

  7. the thought of wearing a beanie at the moment makes me feel so hot (I live in the tropics!!). But it does look fantastic!

  8. Very handsome beanie.......great color! Yay to your quilting.....looking forward to the reveal!

  9. This is a great hat and I love the colour - your husband is a lucky man!

  10. Love the shade of colour on your hat!

  11. Love the color of your hat. Looks wonderful.


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