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Color Inspiration:
Yarn - Color Inspiration
Color Inspiration - New yarn
Color Inspiration - New Yarn
I have a new color crush. I'm always inspired by nature and the flowers in my garden are a constant source of inspiration. Lately I have discovered that I'm drawn to the color purple, which happens to be abundant in my garden. Whether I'm choosing colors for my projects or my wardrobe purple seems to always be in my mind.  And my recent yarn purchase was no exception. It had to be purple! It is such a happy color don't you think?  The light purple or lavender yarn will become a shawl (a birthday present for someone special) and the darker one will become a cowl for me :) I can't wait to get started but in the meantime I'm getting lots of inspiration for even more future projects from this book.
I hope you have a happy weekend.



  1. I love purple - it appears quite a lot in my garden and my wardrobe too! I've been very pleased to see more purple patchwork fabric around this year as it has been quite difficult to find in the past. That wool is in gorgeous colours!

  2. Gorgeous photos! The purple in the front of your photos is one of my favorites of theirs too - I've made many hats and scarfs with that.

  3. Yes, I agree, the colors of flowers are great inspiration for us. This lavender color is sooo pretty!
    Have a great time! Jola

  4. beautiful pictures and colour! Cannot wait to see what you do with it!

  5. Beautiful color indeed. The flowers on verbena bonariensis (brazilian verbena) are a similar beautiful iridescent purple. Beautiful for knitting too.


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